Bright Light LED Case Studies

Bright Light LED knows how to light your large spaces cost effectively. These retrofit projects pay for themselves in surprisingly little time with today's generous utility incentives.

High Bay LEDs at Fry's Electronics in San Jose, CA

  • Replace 516 existing 400w HID lights with 100w LED High Bays
  • Reduce power consumption by over 1 MILLION KW/YEAR!!
  • Annual energy savings of $147,170 with utility incentives
  • 100% Return on Investment (ROI) in just under ten months of normal daily use

Return On Investment Analysis

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LED Lighting for the LA Memorial Coliseum

Bright Light LED was brought in to add new LED lighting to the historic LA Memorial Coliseum in 2016. All new and retrofitted replacement LED fixtures were installed throughout the Arena exterior, including the Night Bar, Blockhouse, Exterior Buildings and Fence, as well as the stadium Tunnel Entrance.


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New generation LED devices are cool enough to touch a baby's skin and administer much more effective therapy at a fraction of the cost of current treatment options.

Stanford University Infant LED Phototherapy Blanket Study

  • Utilize LED lights to create a cheaper, three times more effective phototherapy device for newborn infants with jaundice.
  • Jaundice is a normal phenomenon in most babies, and occurs in all premature infants.
  • LEDs deliver high intensity, relatively narrow wavelength light within the optimum wavelength range for blue light therapy and peak using relatively little, low voltage, (3VDC and 3Watt) power.

We have also donated many LED devices to families with young children suffering from crigier-najjar syndrome, which is a permanent form of jaundice.
This disease is extremely rare there are currently no devices available offering treatment to those kids and adults.

Project Analysis

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The City of Moorpark, California is now saving over $350,000 annually after contracting Bright Light LED to replace old HPS Street Lights with efficient LEDs.

LED City Street Light Retrofit for the City of Moorpark, CA

  • Utilize LED Street Lights in Public Park areas to reduce lighting costs
  • Replace 48 175 watt HPS bulbs with high-efficiency Bright Light 36W LEDs
  • Reduce annual operating costs by $16,500
  •  100% Return On Investment in just under nine months of operation!

Return on Investment Analysis


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