About Bright Light LED, Inc.

 Bright Light LED, Inc., was established by a group of American entrepreneurs, electronics experts, consumer product designers, & residential & commercial construction experts, who shared a common goal and vision: to promote and effect the complete transformation of all US homes, roads, schools, government entities, and private businesses by replacing their conventional inefficient and environmentally unsafe indoor & outdoor lighting with the highly efficient, extremely reliable, environmentally responsible, and aesthetically superior LED solutions. We treat our customers as nothing short of partners in this transformation, as they are naturally our best good will ambassadors and agents of social and economic change. Not only will this transformation significantly lower their monthly energy bills, but also measurably reduce their carbon footprint, thus enabling them to become truly green through action, not just wishful words or thoughts.

To achieve this transformation, Bright Light LED, Inc. researched & identified the LED industry's leading manufacturers & technology pioneers, using only the most cutting-edge & efficient LED technologies and with a clear understanding of the consumer LED market. But rather than just being another distributor for these manufacturers, we established an exclusive partnership with them, thus allowing us to be more responsive to our customers' individual needs, reduce overhead, and practice Just-In-Time (J.I.T.) methods to streamline our product delivery timetable. Our factories share 80,000 sq. ft. of space with facilities for R&D, prototyping, quality control, reliability testing, and production & assembly capacity for over 100,000 LED driver chips & lighting fixtures per day. Our manufacturers hold several important patents, and are staffed by dedicated scientists, technologists, engineers, and trained production & assembly technicians, using only the most advanced semi-conductor materials & designs. Together, they boast a collective 30 years of LED design & manufacturing experience.

Our LED solutions' quality & performance standards meet or exceed the most stringent industry standards of excellence, rivaled only by Fortune 100 companies such as GE or Philips, but at a much lower cost to the end consumer. We stand 100% by our products and customer service, and our goal is to educate our customers and enable them to make highly informed decisions.

So whether you're a homeowner seeking to save money or a business striving to become more socially responsible and profitable, our mission is to provide you with a custom-tailored LED solution that suits your needs