All Bright Light LED High Bays are 100% made in the USA Your Source for the Brightest LED Lighting Solutions Made in America  All Bright Light LED High Bays are 100% made in the USA

Industrial Strength LED Lighting Solutions

ImgAt Bright Light L.E.D. we focus on creating tomorrow's energy efficient LED solutions for today's industrial lighting market. Our custom manufactured LED lights last far longer than any conventional fixtures they replace, using less than half the energy.

We maximize LED efficiency by looking beyond what is commercially available and designing LED solutions that exceed industry standards. It's all about using the best current new technologies to provide you with top-notch commercial LED lighting products that are continually improving.

Hidden Benefits of LEDs

Reduced energy costs are an obvious benefit of using LEDs. Most people don't consider their hidden savings:

  • Incandescent lighting accounts for 10-25% of HVAC costs. That cost is nearly eliminated with cool running LEDs.
  • LEDs outlast incandescent and CFLs by a factor of eight. Replacement bulb and associated labor costs are substantially reduced.
  • LED chips are tough! No more broken bulbs.

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Go LED and Save Money

Invest in your business by replacing old style high bays or flourescent light banks with efficient low maintenance Bright Light LEDs.
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Your return on this one investment will be incredible - and FAST. Start saving the minute you first turn on your new Bright Light LED fixtures.